take over

take over
1) PHRASAL VERB If you take over a company, you get control of it, for example by buying its shares.

[V P n (not pron)] A British newspaper says British Airways plan to take over Trans World Airways. [Also V n P]

2) PHRASAL VERB If someone takes over a country or building, they get control of it by force, for example with the help of the army.

[V P n (not pron)] The Belgians took over Rwanda under a League of Nations mandate...

[V P n (not pron)] The parliament in Madrid was taken over by civil guards. [Also V n P]

3) PHRASAL VERB If you take over a job or role or you take over, you become responsible for the job after someone else has stopped doing it.

[V P n (not pron)] His widow has taken over the running of his empire, including six London theatres...

[V P from n] In 1966, Pastor Albertz took over from him as governing mayor...

[V P] She took over as chief executive of the Book Trust.

4) PHRASAL VERB If one thing takes over from something else, it becomes more important, successful, or powerful than the other thing, and eventually replaces it.

[V P from n] Cars gradually took over from horses...

[V P] When the final vote came, rationality took over.

5) See also takeover

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